7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Customer Service Success

By | May 30, 2019

WordPress plugins give tons of functionality, including being able to provide customer support within your website. Whether it’s an ecommerce store or just a blog, letting people inquire about your business is a big plus. You can add various forms of customer service on your website to make it more effective in helping your customers.

Here are 7 of the best WordPress plugins you can use to improve customer service in your website.

1. WP-Chatbot

WP ChatbotHaving a live chat plugin is helpful as it lets your customers contact your business right there on your website. You can always divert them to your Facebook page or Messenger, but having live chat on your website increases accessibility.

Add a chatbot to that chat widget, and you have a powerful combination for customer support. WP-Chatbot by MobileMonkey is the one-step solution you need for your WordPress website. It’s a chat widget powered by one of the most powerful chatbot platforms on the Internet. You get to create your own chatbot in less than five minutes with amazing functionality. Most common customer inquiries can then be handled by that chatbot with little to no hassle.

It also lets you do live operator takeover whenever you wish to answer tougher customer questions. MobileMonkey learns as it handles more inquiries, making it better with continued use.

2. Help Scout

HelpscoutHelp Scout is one of the world’s leading customer support software for online businesses today. It has an easy-to-use interface that was designed for both beginners and seasoned customer service personnel. There are also a few plugins out there that let you integrate it to your WordPress website. Examples include Help Scout Integration for Easy Digital Downloads and the WooCommerce Help Scout plugin. Help Scout is used by many business websites out there and has an online community and resource for its users.

3. Zendesk

ZendeskZendesk is another popular customer support application for online businesses. It has a WordPress plugin as well for integration, providing live chat and other functionalities. This system also supports teams, multiple products, documentation, and so on. They provide customers with easy-to-find resources and personnel with all the tools needed to assist them. Zendesk also lets logged-in users to access its helpdesk without having to switch accounts.

Through this, support tickets can be attended to quickly and easily through Zendesk. Also, visitor flow and usage patterns on your website can be tracked and monitored to learn more about your audience. The tools of Zendesk were designed to let you be able to better serve your customers.

4. Awesome Support

Awesum SupportAwesome Support is not just awesome in name, but also in its vast functionality. It’s a help desk platform and a support ticketing system all in one package. This plugin is designed to be easy to use, with both the front end for customers and backend for agents. Agents can monitor current support tickets easily, letting them respond quickly in real time. Each ticket can be worked on by multiple agents if necessary to provide adequate customer support.

The tickets can be sorted and filtered with ease, making them easy to manage. The basic version is free and already packed with features, while the premium plans start at $149 per year.

5. WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

WP Support PlusWP Support Plus is a free plugin for adding a customer support system on WordPress websites. It allows users to create support tickets, choose categories, provide status, and set priority. This plugin has a backend for both agents and a supervisor who manages the support team. WP Support Plus is powered by Ajax, and it has a ticket submission system that makes it easy for customers to send their inquiries. It can add a support tab on the pages and posts of your WordPress website.

This lets customers easily ask for assistance anywhere on your website, either by selecting a support channel or opening a ticket.

6. WPHelpDesk

WP HelpDeskWPHelpDesk is a premium WordPress help desk plugin designed for advanced customer support. It runs with full integration in your WordPress website, letting you gain full control over the system. This plugin also works seamlessly with your chosen WordPress theme so it looks like just another part of your website. WPHelpDesk has a well-designed ticketing system that can handle any number of customer inquiries. It also has support for unlimited agents, email notifications, file and media uploads, custom fields, and so on. The official website has a demo that lets you try out both its front and back end so you can find out if it’s exactly what you need.

7. bbPress

WP HelpDeskThis plugin is a lightweight forum platform designed specifically for WordPress. You can create your very own message board in your website with bbPress. This is best for brands that have cultivated their own thriving online communities. However, using bbPress for customer support does necessitate installing other plugins to expand functionality. But it already has built-in notifications, easy expandability, and lots of add-ons to create your own support forum. Its lightweight design ensures that bbPress doesn’t bog down your website’s performance.

Also, its open source community provides resources and support from its users through its own forum. Using bbPress as your customer support solution allows for great flexibility and control.