Application of LabVIEW and Matlab in Communication Course Review

By | January 13, 2022

This “Application of LabVIEW and Matlab in Communication” course aims to help learners understand all about the communication system and Modulation. With that, you will also get a chance to understand everything there is about LabVIEW along with understanding the basics of Matlab. Starting the course, you will first get to understand the basics of LabVIEW and Matlab software. Then the instructor will explain the fundamentals of communication system in detail. After that, you will get to understand all about the analog and digital system. Similarly, you will get a detailed introduction to modulation and understand all the modulation techniques and need for modulation.

What will you learn in this course?

This course has a variety of topics included and following are the details.

  • You will understand what Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) is.
  • Next, you will understand what Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) is.
  • After that, you will understand the communication system in detail.
  • The next topic will be a detailed explanation on signal and system.
  • After that, your next topic will be the mathematical representation of amplitude modulation.

Who can take this course?

This is a type of course that is suitable for the following audience.

  • Those students who are working on GUI programming.
  • Those who wish to develop a good understanding of LabVIEW and MatLAB.
  • All the experienced professionals who wish to update their skills. If you’re interested to enhance your skills, follow free LabVIEW Classes and tutorials here.

Social proof:

This section contains feedback from actual users for our readers to get a clear picture about this course.

Positive feedback:

  • I can say this course was very interesting and has very informative content. Would definitely recommend this course to all those interested. (Dr Abishek, 5 stars).
  • This course offers great amount of information on communication system. With that, I was also able to understand so much about analog and digital communication. After completing this course, I can say with full confidence that this course was worth my time and effort. (Sudheer K, 5 stars).
  • This is a type of course that has impressive content to offer. The teaching methodology was very impressive and useful and the topics taught can be applied to real world. (Ragini S, 5 stars).
  • Yes this course is 100% recommendable. (Ruchita G, 5 stars).
  • This year has been very difficult for everyone and our learning routine was also disturbed because of it. But thankfully I took this course that turned out to be very interesting. And I can say these online lectures have helped me a lot in learning so much. And as per the course content is concerned then it was very authentic and informational. (Salim K, 5 stars).
  • This was without any doubt a very informative course. The lectures were well-presented and the instructor’s way of teaching was very unique. I really want to thank the instructor for putting in a lot of effort in this course. (Swati S, 5 stars).

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