What are the best Network Security Tools?

By | December 30, 2021


Due to high rate of misuse of computer network and related resources, the need of network protection has increased more than ever now. Network protection is what we call a variety of policies and techniques that help to prevent unauthorized access and misusing computer networks. Network security also tracks the alterations or any delays made in the network.

Similarly, with network security you also get file and server protection against hacking and unauthorized modifications you may find in the networking systems. The simplest example of network security is antivirus system.

Did you know?

Below are some very interesting facts for you to take a look at.

  • It is because of the errors made by humans that lead to 85% of the cybersecurity breaches.
  • Email is the major reason of delivering 94% of the total malware.
  • After every 10 seconds, a ransomware attack takes place.
  • The percentage of cyberattacks that are financially motivated is 71.
  • The F-35 fighter jets tend to face bigger threats from cyberattacks than from their enemy missiles.
  • Lastly, the annual global cost of cybercrime has been estimated to be around $10.5 trillion by the end 2025.

List of best network security tools:

Now there is no doubt over the fact that a company network is always facing some kind of threats all the time. So it is very important that they should prepare some strategies to defend these types of threats. Below you can find a list of best network security tools to consider.


Wireshark which is also known by the name Ethereal is a console-driven tool that is a very efficient protocol analyzer. This network security was modeled after Tcpdump. With the help of Wireshark, you get an overview of the real-time network and it enables users to view TCP session rebuilt streams. Wireshark as we speak is known to be the most common packet sniffer. Check out the best Comptia A+ Training Classes here.

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Metasploit is mainly used by individuals from Rapid7 for the purpose of scanning over 1500 operations which also include network segmentation security. It is available in the open source and commercial Pro version for security professional and even different developers as well depending on their requirement. With the help of Metasploit, organizations are able to conduct a variety of safety assessments. Metasploit in other words help to strengthen the overall security of a network.


It is very common for companies to have inadequate security settings or even faulty updates. And whenever this happens, this software “Nessus” is used to correct and improve the network integrity. With the help of Nessus, companies can identify and repair all kinds of vulnerabilities that are detected.


Aircrack is a perfect network security tool that offers perfect solutions for mobile device protection on the internet. Aircrack among all things has been found out to be robust software for cracking algorithms. Many other tools and options are also included in this suite that helps to create a robust collection of information security applications.


Snort is known to be open-source IDS that support all kinds of hardware and operating systems. It helps to analyze a variety of protocols and assembles contents. Similarly, it is also used to identify different attacks that may occur in the network security. Snort as we speak has been found out to be an effective intrusion detection and prevention framework because of its simple setup and raw packet analysis.

Cain and Abel:

This is a type of tool that is only compatible with Windows Operating System and is used for retrieving passwords. With the help of Cain and Abel, a user can record VoIP interactions as well as decipher a variety of scrambles passwords. Similarly, it is used for analyzing protocols for routing processes as well.


Argus is known to be one of the best and free open-source network analysis tools that are easily available in the market. It is an acronym for Audit Record Generation and Utilization System. This software is very effective and offers an in-depth network data analysis with quick and detailed reporting across large network traffic.


Nagios just like Argus is one of the most effective free network security tools that apply an all-base approach to the management of networks. It is widely used by both cyber security professionals and novices as well. It tracks hosts and networks and many other devices and offers real-time notifications. Moreover, it can also track different network resources like HTTP, ICMP, SMTP, POP3, and NNTP.


Splunk is known to be one of the simplest applications that has a single interface. It is a perfect tool for all those with limited budget. It is though a paid application but has free versions available for a limited time period. It is specifically designed for real-time and historical data searches. You might also be interested in Python for Everybody Specialization.


Tcpdum is a a type of application that is for Mac and Windows and Linux and has managed to precede Wireshark which is the market’s leading tool. It is Tcpdump that has set the standard in the network security field and continues to be an effective network security tool.


Network security tools are without any doubt the safest and convenient way to keep your data safe and that is why it is very important to know what they are and which one to choose.