Top 7 Web Development Platforms to Boost Up Your Business Growth

By | May 14, 2019

“Nothing is more irritating than browsing a low-speed website.”

Developing a slow website not only increase the bounce rate of your site but also reduces your business productivity. Therefore, it is essential for you to create an optimized website without spending extra efforts and time.

The best way is by choosing an appropriate Website development platform which will help you to fulfill all your website goals and business objectives. Selecting the best development tools will help you to create a fully functional and attractive website by accepting new challenges without facing any significant difficulty.

Are you looking for the best website development tool to streamline the development process in an optimized form? You are on the right platform. Scroll down and continue reading.

Best Web Development Tools to enhance Website Performance and Upgrade Business Productivity

Now let’s directly dive into the best website development tools that each developer should know about.

1. AngularJS

AngularJs is basically a javaScript framework which is used for creating dynamic web applications. This framework can be added by using HTML page by using <script> tag. It is an open source and completely free tool used by various developers around the globe. Developers prefer this tool as they can reuse HTML-like elements and attributes and also specify the custom quickly.

Google creates this tool which is released in 2009 and licensed under the Apache license version 2.0. It supports form validation, data-binding, filters, and DOM handling. Furthermore, it allows the automatic synchronization of models and tools which assist the developers in improving the testability and performance of the website.AngularJSSource: Angular

2. Hubspot

HubSpot is a business automation tool which is used for inbound marketing, development, and sales. As per the research conducted by Hubspot, more than 56,500 companies are using Hubspot tool to better their business success. Organizations rely on this tool as it offers efficient services and features.HubSpotSource: HubSpot

With the help of HubSpot development services, you can create an excellent and attractive website without having in-depth programming knowledge because it provides templates, and drop feature by using which developers can build the site quickly.

If your website is informative and attractive but is not browsed by the clients, then it’s of no use. Therefore, by using the HubSpot tool, you can analyze your website performance and visitors interest to upgrade the business revenue by satisfying the visitor’s requirements.

Some of the robust features of HubSpot are:

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Website development
  • Automation and Integration
  • Email marketing
  • Website Analytics
  • Landing Pages and many more.

You can also avail all the above features by using a single platform which is HubSpot. So, what are you waiting for? Visit its site and get the benefits of Hubspot development services.

3. WordPress

WordPress is another platform which is commonly used by various developers for blogging and creating the website quickly. By using this platform, you can build your site on your own server via MySQL and PHP database. This specific platform can be used as a CMS (Content Management System) for optimizing the goals and set up a commercial website.

WordPress offers WYSIWYG text editor, static page, co-author with multiple authors, permalinks optimized for search engines, member registration or login, etc.

This tool is commonly used as it is easy to use, Free, SEO optimized, Rich third-party plugins, robust community support, etc. Further, it also provides various site templates and themes.

If you want to go with the market flow, then it is another option with which you can pursue.WordpressSource: WordPress

4. Weebly

Weebly is another platform which is used by web builders to create compelling websites. To better business success, every website builder wants to design a professional website. Might you wish the same?

You can go with this another platform for developing a professional website because it will help you to create a quick and professional site in less time.

If you do not have a coding experience then Dont Worry! It is the tool with which you can start with. It provides a variety of feature such as:

  • 40 layout designs which include portfolios and website maps. This feature helps to develop and design an excellent site which will attract the visitors and boost up your business productivity.
  • You can easily switch from one template or theme to another to make your site responsive.
  • It also offers pop-up lists, info buttons, and email sequences to sequence the working process of website development.

If you want to begin with website development start with the basic version as it’s free. Starter version begins at $8per month, the pro version at $12 per month and business version at $25 per month.WeeblySource: Weebly

5. Firebug

You might have heard about Firebug web development platform as it is one of the most popular tools used by web developers to complete the site building practices. It is basically an extension of Mozilla Firefox by using which you can facilitate monitoring, debugging, and editing in live web pages in different languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.FirebugSource: getfire

Do you know who is the developer of Firebug? Joe Hewitt developed this fantastic platform in the year 2006. Now, let’s take a rundown at some of its amazing features like:

  • Visualize CSS metrics
  • Evaluate the errors quickly
  • Monitor network activity
  • Manage cookies
  • Edit ad inspects HTML
  • Profiles javaScript
  • Tweaks CSS to build a professional site and many more.

6. Brackets

Most of the designers go for open source as it’s delivered free services. Brackets is also an open source code editor developed by Adobe and used for JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Every builder wants to spend less time to complete a variety of tasks. If you wish the same, then the brackets platform will make your dream come true as it makes development faster. It becomes possible because it supports live preview option where you can edit the code by simply putting your cursor on it.

This tool also provides preprocessor support with which you can quickly live and edit highlight with the help of SCSS and LESS files.

So, enjoy writing your code in Brackets to power your development process and business revenue.BracketsSource: brackets

7. Mockplus

It is all in one designing tool which is used to complete mobile, web and desktop projects successfully. The mockplus tool is mostly used by the designers and developers to create smarter, faster and easier prototypes in less time as it provides drag and drop feature.

This particular platform has offered several features to develop better and design the site layout effectively. Let’s know some of its characteristic features.

  • It includes export to package, views the site on the mobile app by using QR code, publishes online and offline HTML, export to image features to test and preview your project quickly.
  • Provides UI Flow design mode, and MindMap to reflect the design ideas and systematically structure the project layout.
  • Offers a set of 300 ready-made components and 200 icons for rapid prototyping and many more.

But yes, you have to pay to avail the offered features of Mockplus. For the individual, it’s $199 per year, for the team it’s $999 per year, and for Enterprise it’s $4999 per year.MockPlusSource: mockplus

Final Call

Hope! You get to know the top web development platforms by using which you can empower your business growth by building a creative and optimized website without wasting your valuable time and cost.

You just have to spend some time while selecting your website development platform or tool.  Rest you can quickly achieve all your business targets effectively. Furthermore, you can know 7 web development trends to take note in 2019. These trends will help you to be in the top list of this competitive world.

So what are you waiting for? Evaluate your objectives and select the web development platform which suits you the best.