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The 5 Most Effective Ways to Learn R Programming

R is an open source project specifically focusing on statistical computing and graphics. The integrated package has various functionalities for data manipulation, calculation and display. It includes data handling and storage as well as operators for calculation on arrays in matrices among other features. Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in data science will […]

Online Donation Plugin for WordPress

Donorbox is an extremely powerful and secure WordPress donation plugin offering a feature-filled, convenient and fast solution for nonprofits to raise funds. This WordPress donation plugin provides users with everything they need to embed a recurring Donorbox donation form into their website. The donation plugin is ideal for nonprofits, charities as well as churches. Why […]

Benefits of Web Development

Web development has existed ever since the Internet has and it is one of the fastest expanding fields. A career in web development is one of the most promising as you can work easily in both professional office environments as well as a freelancer. The prospects of earning are also very high. What do you […]

How can commerce students learn web development?

Needless to say, that web development is in great demand nowadays. That field attracts the attention of the youngsters. Since the global network is the inevitable part of our everyday life, some students show their interest to coding. The majority of students that wants to study web development and build their career in the field […]

HTML5 is truly a great choice for building web apps

The growing popularity of mobile devices allowing web designers and developers to create highly interactive and dynamic web applications that can run smoothly on different devices and mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, etc. According to the survey, over 100 billion mobile apps had been downloaded from the Apple App Store till June […]

Web Development Skills To Be Preferred For Information Architects

Information Architect especially deals with wide range of problems that mainly comprises of developing structures to enable effective communication process with highly optimized results. Information Architect deals with structural designing part of shared information environments, science of organizing, developing and labeling numerous of websites, intranets, online groups and various other advance level software to enable […]