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Difference between BasicHttpBinding and WsHttpBinding

Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation comes with a set of built-in bindings and each binding is designed to fulfill some specific need. So, if interoperability is our concern and we need to communicate with non-WCF system, then, we should go for basicHttpBinding or wsHttpBinding. Although these two bindings can work with WCF specific systems as well. […]

WCF Service or ASP.NET Web APIs?

Few days back, while going through a technical forum, I read the following… “Why do we need WCF now? We can go for new ASP.NET Web APIs framework” Actually, Windows Communication Foundation is designed to exchange SOAP-based messages using variety of transport protocols like HTTP, TCP, NamedPipes or MSMQ etc. While ASP.NET API is a […]

.NET Exceptions Vs WCF Faults

Exception is a .NET mechanism used to communicate problems encountered during the execution of a program. Various .NET languages allows us to throw, catch/handle or possibly ignore exceptions so that it can be further propagated up to the call stack. C# sample code for handling exception in .NET applications below explains it as:  int x = 0;  int result […]