8 Of The Best AJAX Frameworks Worth Considering

By | December 11, 2015

Today, many websites are adopting the Ajax approach for building fast and dynamic web applications. What makes Ajax so great is, the ability it provides for updating parts of a web page without having to reload the entire page. Besides, there are several frameworks available online that enables to make Ajax-based dynamic web pages without the need of writing the code again.

So, if you want to avoid the hassle of writing the whole stuff again for creating web apps, then you should consider using an Ajax framework. Below is a list of some of the most popular Ajax frameworks worth considering:

1. Prototype

Prototype AJAX FrameworkPrototype framework is pretty similar to jQuery concerning Ajax features. It provides simple-to-use and elegant API to access and manipulate the DOM elements and to handle AJAX calls. Basically, Prototype makes it easy to work on client-side web applications, by helping to deal with Ajax calls in a hassle-free manner.MCSD: 70-480

2. Taconite

Taconite AJAX FrameworkIf you want to make the process of adding Ajax to your web apps simplified, then you must give the Taconite framework a try. This Ajax-based framework helps add Ajax to any web app in a straightforward manner. What makes this framework different from other Ajax frameworks is that enables to update the DOM in an easy way, without the need to write JavaScript code.

3. RichFaces

RichFaces AJAX FrameworkDo you need the power of Ajax components to enhance your web apps? In that case, JBoos RichFaces framework will best suit your needs. It boasts an advanced UI component framework that helps integrate Ajax capabilities into any business related app easily. In fact, it comes loaded with two libraries containing a full set of AJAX-enabled components.

4. Google Web Toolkit Ajax Framework

Google Web ToolkitGoogle Web Toolkit (a.k.a GWT) helps in developing high-performance AJAX web applications, using the Java programming language. It is an open source framework that helps in writing the front-end code of the web app in Java, and then compiles the source code in browser compatible Ajax (ideally JavaScript and HTML) format. Using Ajax based web applications can be fun, however, you might face difficulty in supporting and maintaining large projects. However, this problem can be resolved using the GWT framework.

5. MooTools

MooTools AJAX FrameworkThis is a great Ajax framework for both intermediate and veteran web application developers. It is an object-oriented JS based framework that helps create browser compatible application that contains a well-documented application interface. MooTools is an easy to use framework that provides plenty of tools for writing code.

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6. Tigermouse

TigerMouse AJAXThis is a modern web app framework ideal for building PHP-enabled applications. However, it also depends on AJAX technology and helps in building highly interactive and responsive apps. More importantly, the Tigermouse framework perfectly suits the need of performing any enterprise-grade tasks. The best part is that it doesn’t require fiddling with Javascript code. And thus, it saves you from the hassle of tinkering with an application’s UI instead of having to work with the app’s core logic.

7. ZK Ajax Framework

ZK AJAX FrameworkThis is yet another Java based web application framework that helps create GUIs (graphical user interfaces) for your app. It comes with a spreadsheet in the form of an embedded Ajax component that is used for building modern-style web apps in Java. One can follow here for more training courses specially related to certified nurse assistant training.

8. Spry

Spry FrameworkIn case, you are searching for a framework that helps in carrying out the rapid development of web pages with the power of Ajax, and then Spry is worth exploring. Spry helps in building front-end of web applications with advanced web components. The best part is that it helps in adding transition effects to your web page elements. You can create Spry powered pages using any code editor.

Wrapping Up!
Thanks to AJAX frameworks, you can build highly interactive Javascript web applications with an engaging UI (or user interface). The best aspect about Ajax is that it provides an immediate response to any users’ reaction, by making use of asynchronous information request that is made by the web server. Using this feature of the Ajax framework helps present content of web applications in a highly engaging manner. I’ve listed 8 of the best AJAX frameworks that you must consider when working on your next web application project.

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