What’s new in WCF 4.5

By | March 17, 2014

In part-1 of this WCF Tutorial series, we have gone through new features introduced in Windows Communication Foundation v3.5 and v4.0. In this part, we will highlight new features of WCF 4.5.

New Features in WCF v4.5

    • Simplified Generated Configuration files, generated configuration file on client will only have non-default binding configuration. more…
    • Validating WCF Configuration is now part of v4.5. While compiling if there are some validation errors with configuration file, it will be displayed as warnings in Visual Studio. more…
    • WCF 4.5 support for Task-based Asynchronous programming model.
    • Contract First Development is now supported. Only contract will be generated in service.cs, if we use SvcUtil.exe with “/ServiceContract” switch while generating proxy.
    • ASP.NET Compatibility Mode changed to enable WCF service to participate in ASP.NET Pipeline just like ASMX services.
    • Tooltip and intellisense support in Configuration files. more…
    • XmlDictionaryReaderQuotas default values has been changed.
    • v4.5 allows to create an endpoint that supports Multiple Authentication Types.
    • Automatic HTTPS endpoints in IIS.
    • Improvements in Streaming, support for real asynchronous streaming, no blockage of one thread per client as with previous versions.
    • Support for UDP transport, using UDP one way messages are very fast.
    • BasicHttpsBinding, new security configuration option.
    • In order to have bidirectional communication with better performance like TCP, WebSocket is the right choice. WCF v4.5 introduces NetHttpBinding and NetHttpsBinding bindings for supporting WebSockets.
    • Single WSDL Document, now we can create WSDL information in one file. more…
  • IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) support means WCF Service can be called using IDN names by client.
  • Compression support is now available for Binary Encoder in WCF 4.5 through CompressionFormat property.
  • ChannelFactory Cache, WCF 4.5 now support for caching Channel Factories to reduce overhead associated while creating a ChannelFactory instance.
  • WCF Service can be configured using config file or through code. In v4.5, configuration through code has been simplified by defining a public static method (i.e. configure) instead of creating a ServiceHostFactory.

In order to look for comparison with previous versions, please follow the link to WCF 3.5 and WCF 4.0

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