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Automatic Format Selection in WCF RESTful service

In .NET framework 4.0, Automatic Format Selection feature is introduced by AutomaticFormatSelectionEnabled property of WebHttpBehavior class. The purpose is to dynamically find out and return the response in appropriate format for a service operation. If the value of this property is set to “true” means using Automatic Format Selection, the response format of the operation […]

Practical guide to WCF RESTful service

REST (Representational State Transfer) is an architectural style that dictates to think in terms of resources and their representation instead of just thinking about methods¬†within a system. REST architecture focuses almost on the same set of constraints like Uniform interface, separation of concerns, caching, statelessness etc. as other distributed architecture follow. Using REST, we get […]

Error Handling in WCF RESTful Service

WCF possesses the capability to handle errors for RESTful services and return appropriate HTTP status code as well as error details using standard formats like JSON or XML. So, WebFaultException is the class used to return: HTTP status code only, or HTTP status code and user-defined type. We can define a custom type for error […]

CRUD Operations using WCF RESTful Service – Part 1

REST (Representational State Transfer) is basically an architectural style that is based on the same principles as that of “Web”. In this WCF Service tutorial we are going to see these web principles in action. We will be using standard HTTP verbs for CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations, HTTP Content-Types etc.In one of my […]

5 simple steps to create your first RESTful service

RESTful services are those which follow the REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural style. Before implementing your first RESTful service, lets first understand the concept behind it. As we know that WCF allows us to make calls and exchange messages using SOAP over a variety of protocols i.e. HTTP, TCP, Named Pipes and MSMQ etc. In […]

WCF Interview Questions – Part 3

This WCF tutorial is part-3 in series of WCF Interview Questions and Answers. Other parts in this series are as follows: WCF Service Interview Questions – Part 1 WCF Service Interview Questions – Part 2 WCF Service Interview Questions – Part 3 WCF Service Interview Questions – Part 4 WCF Interview Questions List – Part 3 What is a fault contract? A user […]