6 Surefire Ways to Improve Sales Using SEO

By | March 21, 2019

Affordable SEO ServicesFor a business to thrive, it must make sales. In today’s competitive climate, to make more sales you need to ensure customers can find you online and offline easily. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. The good thing about SEO is that it increases your digital presences which help your business to improve sales by bringing more visitors to your website.

It is worth noting that the eCommerce world is fierce and that’s why learning and implementing powerful SEO tactics can boost your chances of getting noticed by prospects online, convert them into real buyers and ultimately improve sales.

But yesterday’s SEO is not today’s SEO and the techniques that used to work then are no longer viable today. This makes it hard to know whether what you are doing can boost sales.

Are you finding it difficult to boost sales using SEO?

Don’t fret because you have come to the right place. In this article, we have shared 6 surefire ways to improve sales using SEO.

But before we get into the meat of the article…

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO in its long-form is search engine optimization and is the process of increasing your site’s visitors by making your site to appear on the top pages of search results.

Why is SEO Important for Your Business?

Optimizing your site for SEO regularly is important for the success of your business. It ensures that your site visitors can get what they want from your site fast and helps Google to rank your site better.

A site that is optimized for SEO has higher chances of increasing traffic thus getting the top seat in the search results.

On the other hand, a website that is not optimized for SEO will have its traffic stagnate. If you want your site to gain more visitors regularly, you should properly optimize it for SEO.

Updating your site with new content regularly is one of the major parts of the SEO process since it tells Google that your site is active.

With that in mind, here’re ways to boost sales using SEO.

1. Make SEO the Foundation of Your Digital Strategy

SEO fuels your business’s growth. For that matter, you should make it an important part of your digital marketing strategy. You can also hire I Know SEO if you are looking for professional SEO services and want it to get done right in the first place.

They say content is king and when it comes to marketing and spreading your brand messages, content is everything.

Keyword research is helpful to find out what people are searching for on the internet. Once you have done keyword research, it becomes easy to write content based on the searched phrases.

2. Use Keywords Wisely

Keywords play a significant role in your content. They help prospects to find you online. However, their usage has changed, unlike in the past where you could stuff blog posts with keywords. The Google algorithms have evolved and overuse of keywords is considered an SEO sin.

You should conduct keyword research and ensure to use them in your content, URLs, headings, Meta descriptions, Meta titles, and image descriptions. There are plenty of tools you can use to find keywords both free and paid ones.

3. Use Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are phrases with more than three words. Most people searching for products or services online use them.

4. Optimize Your Site for Local Searches and for Mobile.

Optimizing your site for local search goes hand in hand with optimizing it for mobile. Local SEO is becoming popular since more people are using mobile to search for local businesses. If you want your business to be found online then optimize it for mobile and for local searches as well.

5. Create Content That People Love

Irrespective of the keywords you use, they will add no value if users don’t like your content. There are many forms of great content including infographics, blog posts, podcasts, video, how-to guides, lists, and product reviews.

When creating content, ensure to optimize it with relevant keywords.

6. Use Commercial Intent Keywords

Commercial intent keywords convert like crazy.  Usually, you will want to rank your website for a range of keywords.

To target commercial intent keywords, try to use terms like Best + “commercial intent keyword”, keyword + location, brand name + products.

Lastly, ensure to have a comprehensive strategy that will take advantage of these elements.

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