MakeYour Website More Productive With These Top 5 Seo Tools

By | December 4, 2018

If you are one of the marketers who want to get successful online, then you will not go far without magical word SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is an integral part of digital marketing that works on the page ranking of a website.

But, lacking in tools will make it difficult in predicting which SEO strategies are successful and increase the ranking of your website. Also, it becomes difficult to know about the weakness which affects the ranking.

For resolving such problems, there are SEO tools that come handy in tracking the performance of your website. If you are eager to learn about the SEO tools, you can read blogs and watch informatic videos.

Also, if you want to gain in-depth knowledge about SEO tools, you can go for Online SEO Training.

The online training will help you learn various aspects of SEO strategies and tools. Some of these tools may feel lightweight, but there are some good reasons to use them.

So, here are 5 SEO Tools provided by Google:

  • Chrome Lighthouse

It is a tool designed for reviewing a website; basically, the lighthouse is a lite version tool for reviewing. It examines the website and provides feedback over ten metrics of SEO. You can also download and install the Lighthouse in chrome as an extension.

Moreover, the scope of Lighthouse is limited, but it efficiently took snapshots of Ten Metrics which is important to Google.

Currently, Lighthouse reports on these ten metrics:

    • Title Element
    • Viewport Meta Tag
    • Meta Description
    • Status Code of HTTP
    • Link with Descriptive Text
    • Successful Indexing and crawling regarding Page status
    • Canonical tag Validator
    • Hreflang Validator
    • Validation for Font Clarity in Mobile devices
    • Analyzing the documents whether it avoid plugin of a browser for viewing.
    • Reason Behind using Lighthouse SEO Tool

We know that Lighthouse is a lightweight review tool for Website, but it is important because it represents ten metrics or Google opinions. Also, for Google these ten metrics are important. So, if you have a website then consider these ten metrics using in Lighthouse Tool.

  • TestMy Site

TestMy Site is another tool in the list which Google provides. It is a great tool to grab a quick snapshot of the website speed health. You can consider it as the excellent starting point metric.

Moreover, the TestMy Site tool provides a complete report through email. The report, that tool provides also holds recommendation to speed up the specific website page. However, signing up in a newsletter is also required by the tool.

Moreover, the tool offers two metrics for site auditing:

      • Loading Time Estimation over the Mobile network.
      • Estimation of Visitor Loss because of Poor loading time.
  • Reason Behind using TestMySite

The information that TestMy Site provide can easily be gathered by applying Page Speed Insight tool. Although, TestMy Site is a great tool and a shortcut to obtaining thumbnail overview of Webpage speed. If you are looking for detailed information to understand what exactly needs fixing, then choose Page Speed Insights tool of Google.

  • Page Speed Insight

The Page Speed Insight is one of the best tools for identifying the loading time of the webpage. The tool offers tips for improving the webpage loading speed, and it also gives a score to the webpage.

Using this tool, you can identify the scripts and style sheets that slow down your website loading time. Also, it offers tips that will help you to improve the loading speed of your web pages.

Reason Behind using Page Speed Insights tool

The tool is known for offering valuable solutions that work on technical issues that are hidden and causing an effect on the speed of the webpage. You can also consider it as a resource to gain an understanding of problems in the webpage.

  • Safe Browsing Test Tool

The malware is a serious threat to the websites. So, whenever a website hit by malware, it causes critical damage to the website like sensitive data on the website gets compromised, etc.

So, to avoid such threat, Google deploy the Safe Browsing tool which helps in testing websites for malware. Although, this tool also shows the last date on which the website was tested. By this, you can keep track of your website testing.

Reason Behind using Safe Browsing Test Tool

The Safe Browing Test tool is a good option for analyzing malware on your website. The tool efficiently provides all the valuable information related to malware and details on how often website crawled and updated.

  • Google Trends

Google Trends is known for providing information related to the popularity of keywords and efficiently segments the info according to geography and time.

Using time segment you can get an idea that keywords get affected by seasons, you can also view the keywords that are losing popularity. In case, you observe a downward trend in a keyword. It indicates that a trend or product might lose searcher interest in that search.

Reason Behind using Safe Browsing Test Tool

For competitive research, the Google trend is really important. By this, you can identify that how frequently audience approaches Google with a brand name of competitor’s. The trends line by time will help you to understand the steadiness of the trend is stable, going up, or down.

If your competitor’s trend line is trending downward then it is good, if it trending upward, then it is bad and if it is stable than your competitor is doing good and you need to identify your competitor’s weakness; so that you can strengthen your website.

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