Top Reasons to Choose Magento for Your Website

By | May 25, 2016

Even though WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems for building fully-fledged websites and over 75 millions of websites are powered by this platform. But when it comes to the best eCommerce solution, Magento is the first that strikes to our mind. Magneto is an incredible and most reliable CMS tool for building eCommerce websites. There are plenty of top brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Fox Connect, Nestle Nespresso, Fort, and Nike who are using Magento CMS tool. In fact, Magento boasts over 25% of the eCommerce market because of its core and advanced functions and features.

Both, the large, as well as, small businesses are making the use of Magento platform to develop a customized online store according to their business needs. In fact, it is a great platform for small scale businesses. In this blog post, we will explore to top reasons that why Magento is an ideal eCommerce tool for the small business website.

Here are the top 10 reasons:

1. Open Source CMS

Magento comes in two different editions: The Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. The Magento Community Edition is completely free, without any licensing cost.Open Source CMS

It means you can install, edit and customize the tool the way you want. You can also hire a Magento developer who can supercharge the Magento code and extend your online store with new features and functionality using Magento extension.

2. Developed particularly for eCommerce

Although WordPress is a widely-used CMS platform across the globe, it is not built particularly for eCommerce. For an ideal eCommerce solution, Magento is considered to be the best platform. It offers a ton of templates; extensions and tools that can help you build a beautiful and functional online store with ease.

3. Highly-flexible

Professional web developers enjoy developing Magneto based websites. It is because it allows them to introduce new and cutting-edge methodologies that can enhance the overall Magento development process.

Magento is a highly flexible framework that offers highly customization options that can help you customize shopping carts, web design, products, and a lot more according to your needs.

4. Create multiple storefronts

Magento allows you to add multiple shopping stores to the site, including millions of products and catalogs to offer a uniform shopping experience to all your customers. Even, you can monitor and manage all of your stocks, inventory, billing tasks, customer records, etc from a single admin dashboard.multiple storefronts

5. Enhanced Performance

Magento is a perfect CMS tool when it comes to page load speed, query processing time of an online store. As you know, speed of a site plays a crucial role in determining its user-engagement and search engine ranking. The two-second delay in loading a web page could kill the conversion rate of your eCommerce site.

Fortunately, Magento comes packaged with the powerful caching techniques such as Varnish and other database optimization techniques can help you increase the speed of a site, without any worries.

6. SEO-Optimized

One of the biggest advantages of using Magento is that it comes with built-in SEO features such as SEO friendly URLs, layered navigation. Meta tags, descriptions and URL rewrites that can optimize your site for search engine platforms like Google and Yahoo.SEO-Optimized

It means Magento-based online stores can get higher ranking on search engines as compared to other stores. It not only increases the web traffic but also encourages visitors to stay on your site and boost the conversion rates.

7. Scalable

Magento is an ideal platform for both the small as well as large eCommerce websites. It grows with your business. You can extend the functionality of you site by installing the appropriate extension according to your business needs. It will offer you the world-class services at an affordable price.

8. Cross-browser compatibility

The cross-browser compatible websites are highly accessible on multiple browsers. It can allow visitors to access your site from different browsers, without any hassle. Plus, it can improve the ranking of your site on Google and other search engine platforms.

9. Mobile-friendly

Both the editions of Magento (Community and Enterprise) are now integrated with different HTML5 capabilities that can help you deliver the world-class shopping experience to your web customers.

It lets you optimize your site according to your mobile customer’s needs and specifications. You can optimize the image; use the AV capabilities to ensure gesture based controls. Even, you can also have a drag and drop features to let you deliver enhanced user experience.

10. Robust Community Support

Magento is a great eCommerce solution that empowers you to create a customized site with ease. It offers an enormous community of designers and developers across the world that can help you through the journey of Magento development. You can ask your queries and clear your doubts while developing your online store.

Wrapping Up

That’s all.

These are the top 10 reasons that can help you take the right decision while looking for the most credible eCommerce solution for your business. Magento is an incredible tool because it offers a ton of advanced functions and features to help you run a successful online store.


Maggie is a Magento Developer by profession and writer by hobby. She works for Markuphq Ltd., which is an expert in convert psd to magento to global clients. Connect with her on Google+ and Twitter.

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