HTML5 is truly a great choice for building web apps

By | April 22, 2016

The growing popularity of mobile devices allowing web designers and developers to create highly interactive and dynamic web applications that can run smoothly on different devices and mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, etc.

According to the survey, over 100 billion mobile apps had been downloaded from the Apple App Store till June 2015. And this will surely increase in the coming years.

Well, there is a lot of competition among web-app developers to create unique and quality applications for their clients. With the use of modern web-based programming languages and other techniques, it becomes quite easy to develop an interactive web app from the scratch. HTML5 is one of the best techniques for building fully-functional web apps.Responsive Web Applications

All the web-based mobile apps coded in HTML5 (or by making the use of CSS/JavaScript). Such apps can be accessed through any mobile device or tablet. On the other side, native apps are developed for a single mobile operating system such as Android or iOS. According to some reports, customers prefer native apps over web-based ones and most of the developers love developing single apps that work amazing on multiple mobile devices.

With the use of cutting-edge HTML5 markup language, web developers developing web apps quickly and efficiently. If we compare to earlier versions of HTML, HTML5 is the most flexible tool used to build web-based apps, without any difficulty.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the great reasons why developers are making the use of HTML5 for developing web-based mobile apps.
Here we go!

1. Easy to Deploy App

Developing native applications is not an easy job. Web developers use loads of codes and scripts to build highly interactive native apps.

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But there are plenty of HTML5 apps available online that lets you deploy your app with ease. It is because there are only limited parts that need to be installed which make deployment process quick and easy – using the JS tool during launching the app.

In fact, hosing widely-used app on the app store generates more profit. Contrarily, launching a native app becomes difficult as developers need to follow a lot of rules and regulations strictly. You can find various web-based apps coded in HTML5 in the Chrome store. And icing on the cake is that you can use the app using the browsers that supports HTML5 technology.

2. Powerful Features

There is no shortage of apps available in the app market, and therefore, it becomes imperative for developers to stay connected to a single utility that offers multiple advanced features.

And HTML5 is one of the incredible platforms that can be used by the developers to improve or extend the multiple features of web-based apps with ease.

3. Use of cost-effective tools

When it comes to developing the high-quality web-based app or a mobile app, you should hire a team of professional developers to ensure the quality and functionally of your app project.Use of cost-effective tools

However, it becomes difficult to find out the reliable iPhone and Android developers. But with the HTML5 technology, you can cost-effectively develop your web apps. In fact, it is extremely easy to find the most reliable HTML5 developers in the market.

So, HTML5 is an affordable technology that can help you build beautiful and engaging web-based mobile apps like a breeze.

So, HTML5 is really a perfect tool for building web apps?

All these points mentioned above will help you understand how HTML5 technology has made the life of web app developers easy and convenient. But hold on! There are various disadvantages associated with HTML5.

For example, the extensive “technology fragmentation” in HTML5 makes it difficult for developers to discover which part of this technology will prove to cater the best results. On the other hand, HTML5 may work erratically when there is no data connection. Well, there are various other disadvantages that make you think twice before utilizing the HTML5 for developing web apps.

Which of the following JavaScript objects are not accessible to HTML5 Web Worker [Choose Two]?

  • A. History object.
  • B. Location object.
  • C. Window object.
  • D. Document object.

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 Correct Answer: C & D


An interactive, dynamic and beautiful web-based mobile app has become an essential part of our lives. More than half of the population uses the mobile phone to access the internet. Therefore, it becomes imperative to develop a mobile app that gives rich experience to the mobile visitors.

There are lots of platforms used to develop mobile applications, but the latest version of HTML, called HTML5 is the perfect one. But it doesn’t mean there are no limitations regarding this advanced technology.

Thus, make sure to discover what your project need and then choose the best platform. It completely depends on upon your altered web-app development requirements.

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