The 5 Most Effective Ways to Learn R Programming

By | September 27, 2018

R is an open source project specifically focusing on statistical computing and graphics. The integrated package has various functionalities for data manipulation, calculation and display. It includes data handling and storage as well as operators for calculation on arrays in matrices among other features. Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in data science will find that knowing R greatly eases statistical calculations and graph functions. It is modular and complex and anyone who wishes to become an expert in R would do well to follow a structured learning pathway.

R Programming

Join the right institute offering the right R learning package

This is the first step to success in learning the most within a short time. Simple Analytics Inc R programming course is one of the best for those who wish to progress to higher levels of expertise. has trained and certified R professionals with years of experience in conducting teaching sessions for novices as well as for advanced users.

Supplement it with other sources

Simple Analytics is the best source for learning R in an interactive way with the help of online tutors conducting web conference sessions. However, it also pays to visit blogs dedicated to R programming and view videos that can give helpful tips from those who are practicing professionals. You could get insights into various creative ways of problem-solving.R Programming Resource

Read and practice

Videos are good. However, they can only take you so far. Your learning must include referencing books on R written by several authors. One book is not sufficient. The author may present one topic in a different way while another book may have a more detailed explanation or offer a different technique. You can put these tips to good use either in real life challenges or in practice scenarios. Practice in R develops proficiency and speed and clears up theoretical concepts.


Go beyond the normal. You may be satisfied with handling routine tasks in R and even gain satisfaction from knowing you have developed competence. However, the person who stands out is the one who can take on challenges and come up with innovative solutions. How do you get to this stage? By experimenting as much as you can in various scenarios and using the power of R to resolve issues or even find innovative solutions. You will stand out. Of course, you may not be able to find answers at the first attempt. This is where interaction with R experts in R forums online can give you clues and pointers.Programming Experiment

Be consistent and persistent

R is complex and extended. Just be consistent in learning regularly and persist until you pass various levels of skills. You will eventually become an expert in R. You can chart your own career course as a well-paid professional. You could even become a consultant.

Those who have a background in statistics will love the power of R and its various features. R will help them use the power of IT to the best advantage and Simple Analytics is where your journey into R land begins.