The Evolution of Home Security Cameras

By | August 2, 2019

The concept of home security has come a long way. Before, home security meant comparing the types of home alarm systems available. Right now, what we are looking at is not just the history of alarm systems and their evolution to something much more. Although home security still involves protecting your home from intrusion and burglary, it also includes other safety measures such as carbon and fire detection.

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Today’s home security covers smart homes, smart locks, home access technology and much more. It incorporates all the aspects of smart home technology. Now you can be notified if your window is open or when your child arrived back home from school. The best part of all this is that home security is more user-centric and user-friendly. Installing a home security system is attainable for every homeowner.  

New Evolutions of Home Security Cameras

Going Wireless from Wired

The evolution of wireless technology has allowed homeowners to integrate high-end home security systems at cost-effective rates with no wiring hassles. Before, only wired home security systems were available in the market. Technicians would spend the whole day or more drilling holes in the walls and connecting wire after another to set up your camera system. 

Any fault in the wires would take time to identify and repair as the system remained off. While bulky and expensive, the homeowner would do nothing about their system without a professional around.

Current home security systems are wireless. The technology has necessitated easy integration with DIY versions that homeowners can install and operate without breaking a sweat.

Security Cameras

Modern homeowners are no longer limited to window and door sensor. There are newer options for safeguarding your home. The smart camera technology allows you to see what is happening inside and outside our houses without us being physically there. It is also easy to record images of events with time codes.

Video Surveillance Integration

The integration of video technology has enabled the homeowner to install video doorbells, which can record and store video footage of all activities near the front door. You will view and communicate with whoever is at your do without physical contact.

The video surveillance system can be placed in strategic places of the property to record the goings-on within the compound. In case of intrusion, the system will record every movement of the intruder, including pictures for recognition and identity. Since its inception, video surveillance has been beneficial in identifying culprits to the police and as evidence when filing for insurance claims.

Integration of Motion Detectors

Motion detectors, together with home security camera and alarm system, helps to sense movement and alert the homeowner and monitoring company of foreign presence. Motion detectors can detect movement and turn on the light to allow the camera to take a picture of the identified person or object.

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Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is used as a deterrent for intrusions and break-ins. The lights will automatically turn on and off without your physical presence in the home. The lighting will work with the cameras, video, and motion sensors to keep intruders at bay and protect your home.

Mobile App Integration

Mobile App integration into the camera systems gives you total virtual control of your home security system. You can watch events at home as they unfold, view who entered the compound or inside the house, watch your garage entry and other corners of the home for suspicious activity and much more.

Flood Sensors

With flood sensor integration, your camera system can notify you if your home is flooded and which areas are affected so that you plan well for repairs.

Smart Smoke and Smart Carbon Monoxide Detectors

This is the new wave of home automation that ties onto your mobile phone application and alerts you of danger instantly. This allows you to act immediately and protect your most important investment – your home. 

Integration of Other Safety and Security Devices

The emergence of the Internet of Things (the integration and connectivity possibilities of different devices is redefining the evolution of home security cameras. Now you can use voice-controlled assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control your monitoring system.

You can connect smart lighting, smart smoke detectors and other devices seamlessly with your system. In the years before, each device would come with its own App, but IoT allows device integration to give you control of your home security camera system. 


The possibilities that come with the evolution of home security camera systems are endless. This evolution is rapidly changing the definition of home security. Today people are living in smart homes which they can monitor from their smartphones. As the systems continue to advance, we are all eager to know how technology and our needs are going to help shape the future of home security.