Best Tricks To Create Mobile-Friendly Online Videos

By | March 28, 2019

Most of the modern consumers spent 5 to 6 hours for browsing information on various websites. However, they prefer using mobile for their regular online activities. Although there are desktop and laptop users, the use of mobile has become a growing trend in the present world. Thus, marketers and brand owners focus on creating mobile-friendly videos for their potential consumers. However, it is not always easy to optimise the videos for all mobile devices. We have given you the best tips for creating the mobile-optimised digital videos for your brand.

Responsive video- It is must for all businesses

Responsiveness is one of the crucial factors when you post video contents on various platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. However, while you host the video on the landing page or any other page of your site, you have to make it mobile-optimised. The video player has to be adjustable for the screen of various sizes. You may watch the video from different gadgets to ensure that it looks best in full-screen and default size.

Never make the video very lengthy

The average attention span of online viewers is minimal. You can find this trend among Smartphone users and social media users. To make your video successful and productive, you make the content friendly to the mobile audience. Keep your video precise and short. This is the best way of grabbing the attention of online users. The longer video will make the viewer feel bored.

Thumbnail preview- You have to include it for your viewers

Your mobile video has to give the best feel to the viewers. The thumbnail helps the viewers in choosing the video easily. The viewers will have a preview of the video. The Smartphone screen is smaller than that of the other devices, and mobile users like to scroll the screen continuously. Thus, you can create bold and uncomplicated looking thumbnails. These thumbnails must not clutter the mobile screen.

Focus on users, watching videos with or without audio

Not all mobile users watch your videos at their home. They may have come across your video while they are in a bus, restaurant or café. Most of these mobile users do not like to turn on the audio of the online videos. Thus, create a video content that attracts the users without any sound. The scenes of the videos or the text, inserted to them have to convey the message to the viewers.

Some mobile users also love watching the videos by turning on the audio. However, their device may not have high-quality speakers. Thus, when they have increased the volume level, it may cause the distortion of audio. This issue is prevalent while the users play the video clip in any noisy place. Thus, you have to check out the audio quality of your video. The clear audio will reach your message to the potential customers.

Use the bigger fonts for your video content

While modern televisions have 50-inches display, very few mobile screens are bigger than 5 inches.  Thus, the fonts that are comprehensible on a bigger screen may be very small for mobile screen users. For your mobile-friendly corporate videos, you have to use the bigger fonts.

You may choose the bold fonts, which are easily readable to mobile viewers. You can pick colours that are different from the background. However, do not use several words for the video content.

You must use the large fonts while displaying the information on- the brand name, services, phone number, website URLs and CEO-related details.

Design the best CTA

When you are publishing the video on your website, you can add a clickable CTA. Display the CTA correctly to your video. You should also think of the action that your potential customers have to take after watching the video. For instance, some companies ask their viewers to leave feedback, while others prompt them to make registration. Thus, spend time for designing the CTA of your digital video.

Adjust the position the most important content

Most of the mobile users view the video in the landscape mode. While they hold the device, their hands may cover a part of its screen. Thus, you have to place the most valuable information in the central part of the display. This helps in avoiding any obstruction to the view. The viewers will be able to have a clear view of the content.

The above tricks will help you to make your digital videos highly optimised for all types of mobile devices. However, for creating the video, you can choose the online video creator, Invideo. This easy-to-use application is best for developing any video for business and personal purpose. Without investing in the professional video production service, you can create and edit your videos.

Download User-Friendly Video Editors:

Video EditorsIf you want to edit videos fast and right on your smartphone, you need to download one of the best video editing softwares as Adobe Premiere Rush or LumaFusion. Receive professional-looking clips from your iOS or Android device by using one of these powerful video editing apps. Make creative color grading, add visual effects and text.

If you need professional video post production and use LUTs, you need professional and desktop video editing softwares for Mac and Windows like Adobe Premiere Pro or  Vegas Pro.