How Social Media Impacts our lives?

By | March 9, 2019

Social media has undoubtedly raised awareness in so many people’s lives. They have changed thinking of millions of people. People have indulged themselves in it so deeply that there seems no turning back. Social media sources such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, Youtube, LinkedIn, news channels and much more have changed the way how we think about others and ourselves. It has given so much information regarding everything and millions of people rely on these sources. It has become an important way to communicate with our loved ones and stay in touch with them. Staying in touch with someone who is outside a city or country was a difficult thing to do. People had to pay a lot of money just to make a phone call. But now with these social media sources, free video calling and voice calling and chatting has become mainstream. Almost two third of the population is connected to one another through social media.

There are many advantages of social media. Important news regarding what is going on around the world was never too easy to know. With social media, the whole world’s news is now in our palm. Mobile phones, laptops and tablets have become the best source to become a part of social media. Social media management sydney provides amazing services in this field. With social media, you can easily make new friends from wherever you want and whenever you want. Communicating and interacting with new friends or old ones can all be done only because of social media.

Another main use of social media is that it helps to spread news faster and in an easier way. Delivering news to the whole world with the help of social media is far more interesting and easy. With apps like Instagram and Facebook, news spread very easily and fast. Also it enables users to give their views regarding a news. Through social media, every user has a right to express their opinion without being judged. In this way a community of people with different caste, color and creed is made in which all people come together and express their opinions. All this has only been possible because of social media.

Another important use of social media is to track down criminals. This may seem overwhelming but it is true. Even criminals love to stay connected with social media. What happens is that intelligence becomes able to track such criminals with the help of the accounts they make on social media. In this way so many bad people can be caught.

Social media has always been a vital part of any person’s life and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a life without a social media is nothing but boring. However everything has cons with pros. Social media has indeed changed millions of lives in a positive way but it has its disadvantages. Misuse of private data through social media is being done many times and this has caused problems in many people’s lives. But this type of problem is something that can only be eliminated if a person makes up his mind to not misuse this technology in any way. I would say that if a person clearly understands the power of social media that what good can come from it and why he should not misuse this technology then social media can surely help a person conquer whatever he wants easily. It only depends on the user how well he uses this technology for his own good.