Online Inventory Management Software Review

By | September 24, 2018

Adopting technology in your business ensures that you are a step ahead of your competitors and that you are able to meet your customer’s demands in a timely manner. Having a reliable inventory system in place enables you to run your business more efficiently and in a smart way. An online inventory management software is an essential tool in the day to day running of your business as it will help you achieve productivity and efficiency in operations, you will also minimize inventory costs while maximizing sales and profits. An online inventory management software further allows you to integrate your entire business and to automate manual tasks. All these benefits will enhance a smooth running of the business as well as customer satisfaction. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at EMERGE App, an online inventory management software.


EMERGE App is an easy-to-use cloud-based eCommerce application that allows users to track the ins and outs of their inventory. It is best suited for online eCommerce merchants as well as traditional wholesale. This sophisticated software allows users to manage their current inventory and use what they enter as part of their bookkeeping process. This means that the software is able to convert your data into an appropriate bookkeeping entry since you will logging all your inventory turnover within this software thus handling some of your accounting. While this tool was designed for distribution companies and eCommerce websites, it is also ideal for online merchant businesses.

The app comes with an extremely user-friendly interface that is color-coded and well designed to make stock checking seamless. Besides, the app is also easily customizable to help users identify potential areas where stock problems may occur in future. EMERGE app enables you to sell your products both online and offline simultaneously without any confusion. Documents such as quotes and sales orders can be converted into PDF format and sent to customers via email from a mobile device on the go.

EMERGE App Features

This app comes with a full suite of features to help business owners manage their entire operations that include purchasing, multi-channel sales, inventory management, product management, wholesale management, order management and simple accounting management. Some notable features of this online inventory management software include:

  • Product history that allows you to track your inventory
  • Damage adjustments to track damaged or unsellable inventory
  • Barcode scanner to easily pull out products
  • A reorder feature to keep fast-selling products in stock
  • Adjustment approval for manual inventory adjustment
  • Inventory listing report
  • Product catalog management
  • Multiple currency
  • Credit notes etc

Users can also track batches and expiry dates especially in the food, bio-medical and pharmaceutical industries. This software makes it easy for you to manage your customer’s exchanges and returns. For instance, if an invoice is issued before the return, the system will automatically issue a credit note tagged to this invoice. Users can also share, collaborate or store files thanks to an in-built notes and tasks feature. If you need to manage your products, suppliers, customers, inventory, sales, exports, purchases etc, EMERGE app has you covered.