Long Tail Keyword Tutorial: 3 Steps to Better Keyword Research

By | September 12, 2018

One of the easiest and most prominent ways to drive search traffic to a website is through keywords. Search engines use keywords to determine the content likeness between the searched term and the website content and use that to determine results. But does that mean you should stuff keywords into your articles? Of course not! Search engines now understand the way natural sentence structures form and develop through writing. They can easily pinpoint spammy redundant run on sentences that don’t really provide readers with actual value. So how can can you use Long Tail Keywords to better your articles and provide value at the same time?Long tail keywords

Use Google Search Suggest to conduct Long Tail Keyword Research

One of the most simple , fast and effective ways of finding related keywords to your main topic is see what google offers as autocomplete. Using this strategy you can find keywords users are actually searching for that you might not have otherwise thought about. These can be long tail keywords you can add to your headings in your articles or throughout your long guide like writing pieces.

Use Google’s Related Search Option

Another absolutely free and handy way to find related keywords is the related search option. These terms and phrases can be found at the end of the page results in clusters of two columns. Usually you can find about 8-12 decent keyword ideas from these.

Research the market movers

Keyword ResearchWho are the major players in your markey and how do they use long tail keywords? What variations of keywords do they use and are they missing out on any? Be sure to fist check keyword volume and competition. But do not shy away from low volume keywords as sometimes low volume keywords can see a dramatic rise due to unforeseen circumstances. So if you are the only one with the best well written and comprehensive guide on the topic google will be sure to rank your article, page or post. You might even become part of position 0 also known as the holy grail. This is where google snippets display answers automatically by pulling data from article content. You will commonly find how to answers as well as top list answers all listed in this way.

Research, Research and Research

At first it might seem really redundant and overwhelming for you. But to get traffic from very targeted search queries and users that actually can relate to what you offer you should keep focusing on finding the best search phrases. Remember that rankings do not happen overnight and neither does research. Take your time learn about user intent and what your ideal customer or client would search to get to you. Once you figure this out you can then understand what type of things your ideal customer would be most interested in. That is where you have nailed it. After that it’s just content creation strategy and other seo practices that will take you to the top search results.