Top 5 articles of Year 2013 on WCF Tutorials

By | January 3, 2014

With the start of a brand new year 2014, I would like to wish a very happy new year to everyone and wishes that the following year gets filled with more successful personal and work achievements. I would like to share some experiences of this WCF tutorial blog in previous year with all my readers. Here are the top viewed articles in year 2013.

Creating WCF RESTful Service by example

This article explains the creation of WCF RESTful service in 5 simple steps. Each step is explained in detail with screenshots and code snippets to finally come up with a working solution. Article is best suited for beginner and medium level developers to understand and create their first RESTful service. Complete service and behavior configuration is also provided. Click here to follow WCF RESTful service tutorial.

Understanding Instance Management in WCF

This tutorial gives a detailed understanding of instance management in WCF. Following three ways of WCF Instance Management are explained with diagram:
  • PerCall
  • PerSession
  • Singleton


Also code example of each way of instantiation is available here.

Consuming RESTful service using jQuery

Making calls for a RESTful service using jQuery is simple as well as powerful. When we think about consuming a RESTful service and then rendering received XML/JSON data in a web application, jQuery automatically becomes a good option. This article explains the complete process for making a call to RESTful service here

WCF Vs Web Service 

This WCF article explains the difference between WCF and ASMX web service. ASMX web service is basically designed to send and receive SOAP-based messages over HTTP only. On the other hand, WCF can exchange messages using any format (SOAP as default) over any transport protocol i.e. HTTP, TCP/IP, NamedPipes, MSMQ etc. Please follow here 

Top 10 Interview Questions with Answers

In this article, top 10 WCF interview questions with descriptive answers are given. These are the most frequently asked questions on a WCF developer interview. Following important concepts regarding WCF are discussed here in this tutorial:
  • Bindings
  • Endpoints
  • WCF Hosting Options
  • Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs)
  • DataContractSerializer
  • WCF Instance Modes
  • Security in WCF

Finally I would like to thank all readers of my blog for their appreciation and feedback in previous year.
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