What is the difference between Ethernet/IP and TCP/IP?

By | October 17, 2019

The important terminologies related to networking can be confusing at times. Users do face hardships in understanding them particularly if they have less computer networking knowledge. In simple terms, TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) performs a simple function. When a user connects with a server, he uses a client machine to establish the connection. When the communication is initiated, the data packets are exchanged between the client and server machines. Sending an email is a typical example in which a user uses a client machine and communicates with the server of the email service provider. TCP is used to manage the connection established between the client and server. In other words, when you talk about TCP / IP, it performs the function related to management of data packets.

  • The function of Ethernet / IP is not the same. It is more focused on communication between different devices including robots and machine sensors. In a nutshell, Ethernet / IP and TCP / IP have their respective similarities and differences.

Knowing your IP in a convenient manner

Every network connection has an IP address. This address shows the location of the connection as well as the hub and switch it is connected to. Using command prompt is the standard way of determining the IP address but this is not a feasible option for people not carrying a computing background. If you don’t know about commands, it would be hard to determine the IP address easily. Command prompt is only a suitable interface for people who have knowledge of computing concepts.

When do non-technical users need to know the IP address?

Consider that you are using an internet connection and the browsing stops due to an unknown error. To get the issue resolved, you get in touch with the support team of the internet service provider. To know more about the transfer of data packets, he would require the IP address of your computer. This is when you would want to know the IP address of your connection.

  • There are various tools that show the IP address of a connection. Do users have to use any commands while using these tools? The answer to this question is no. They do not have to use any commands to determine the IP address. When the interface of the tool is loaded, you can know the IP address by selecting the appropriate feature.

Selection of a quality what is my IP tool

Selection of a quality what is my IP tool is important. Picking a good tool to determine the IP address can be both tiring and confusing. There are countless IP determination tools on the internet. How can you select the right ones and ignore options with reliability problems? Checking the reputation and standing of a “what is my IP” tool is the key. If it is obvious that most people using the tool are not satisfied with it, why do you need to take chances by selecting it. It is obviously a better option to opt for a more reputed tool. For instance, the Prepostseo “what is my IP” tool is a reliable option.

Is it hard to use a “what is my IP” tool?

It is important to remember that users searching the internet for anything have limited patience. The moment there is agitation and irritation, the user would start looking for other options. Users surely get irritated when they select a tool which has complex features and controls. In such cases, users have to concentrate immensely and give time as well.

The process of using these tools is simple and any user can use them. At times, when users come across tools with advanced technical knowledge, they are unable to use them. These tools are a lot easier in comparison so you can stop worrying about getting stuck during the phase of usage.

Here are the steps you have to complete to know your IP instantly.

  • These tools are online so you only have to click the link of the tool. As soon as it is clicked, the interface would be shown to you on your screen.
  • When the online tool is opened in the browser window, the IP address would be shown to you on your screen. This is the simplest and most effective way to determine your IP address.
  • As compared to a lot of other tools, the online option to find the IP address is simpler. Thus, there is no question of struggling with the user features. You do not have to fill any fields or select options from drop down menus. As soon as the interface of the tool would load, the IP address would be shown to you on the screen. From the perspective of the user, it is very simple to determine the IP address.
  • In a lot of cases, the IP address has to be determined urgently without spending a lot of time. For instance, if you are not a technical support call and the IP address is needed, you would not have the time to use command prompt even if you know how to do so. Using one of these tools would be a great option. It would produce the internet protocol address


The use of an online tool is a much better alternative than getting things done manually. In case of manual tasks, you need to spend more time and even then, there are chances of making errors. For example, consider that you do not have a clear idea of how the IP address is determined using commands. Due to lack skills, it would be hard to determine the IP address even after making several attempts. On the other hand, if a quality tool with the “what is my IP” feature is used, no errors would be made.

In an overall manner, if you are seeking the easiest way to determine the IP address, using one of these tools is surely the best way out. A major plus point for users is the free usage these tools offer.