These Are the Most Popular AWS Services

By | December 13, 2018

With over a million active users and $18 billion in revenue for 2017, AWS is taking the cloud computing world by storm. What’s more, it keeps growing each quarter. The infographic by the Hosting Tribunal points out that AWS is already in partnership with internet giants like Netflix, Reddit, and Pinterest. Every year more and more famous names join the list of AWS’s clients.

This is because AWS caters to everyone. It is affordable, safe, and convenient to use. With over 70 different services, it has the right solution for almost any company. So, if you’re looking into AWS, here’s an outline of its top services.

Millions of companies use Amazon’s S3. S3 stands for Simple Storage Service. S3 offers storing any amount of data on the cloud. And we mean any amount – Amazon’s servers are large enough to store hundreds, or even thousands, of petabytes. The amount of storage is scalable according to your needs. To top it off, S3 is designed for 99.999999999% durability. AWS stores your files on multiple servers, protecting your data from outages.

EC2 is Elastic Cloud Storage. EC2 offers clients the option to rent virtual machines, dubbed “instances”. There are a variety of instances available. You can choose according to your preferences for a particular operating system, memory, storage, or CPU configuration. Users only pay for each second an instance is active, which often makes EC2 more affordable than investing into your own hardware.

You can create, launch, and terminate instances according to your needs. In fact, EC2 is so scalable you can go from 50 to 5000 server instances in a single day. This is possible thanks to Amazon Auto Scaling. It allows you to automatically manage the number of instances according to the demands of the application you run.

Another important service is CloudFront. CloudFront is a content delivery network. It quickly stores the static content of your website on a global network of servers. CloudFront boasts having 150 total points of presence. Your visitors can then load the static content from the server closest to them, reducing any latency issues. It also means your data is more protected and always available.

Of course, there are too many Amazon Web Services to name them all here. However, we can touch upon a couple more.

Amazon RDS simplifies setting up and operating databases. Amazon VPC lets you set up a virtual private network on the AWS cloud. Other popular options include SNS, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, SQS, IAM, and others.

That said, there are over 70 services available. If none of the ones listed here fits your particular needs, it is likely there is a product that does.

The main reason AWS is at the top of the cloud computing world is because it has the right solution for everyone and because it is extremely efficient.

If you want to know more about AWS, the infographic below has all the essential info.