What is Negative SEO and how does it work

By | November 10, 2018

The world of Information Technology has progressively and developed in a robust manner. Human ingenuity, creativity, and innovation have been seen expanding and exploding all over the world. There are trillions of website which contain different content for the audience. Search Engine Optimization has been embraced by intelligent entrepreneurs who do their business in an online platform. The aspect of SEO is to give the website credibility to be ranked among the top pages by google.

Negative SEO

The malicious, scammers, and evil people have come up recently to combat Search Engine Optimization with Negative SEO. Basically in definitive terms Negative SEO can be described as the practice of using unethical methods and the use of black hat to weaken ranking of a competitor. Negative SEO is quite detrimental because it encapsulates the hacking of someone website and creating of spammy links to someone website.

How Does Negative SEO Occur?

Negative SEO results when a malicious individual endeavors to sabotage the ranking of a website in search engines. Negative SEO can be done in online page and off page platforms. There are number of ways Negative SEO can be done. The most known negative SEO is known as based link negative SEO, though there are many other types of Negative SEO.

Negative SEO is real

Most of the people in the world are so skeptical that there is nothing like Negative SEO. It is self- evident that a website can be suppressed or penalized by the algorithms of Google in the circumstances of unnatural building of link. The consequential results of penalties and suppressions by Google to some Websites are to ensure that all the websites owners must use the credible method for the site ranking. Malicious individuals use wearied avenues to lower the ranking of their competitors so that the google can punish the site owners in a severe way.

Negative links automatically lowers the website of site owner. Foreign forums links are quite dangerous. A big statistics of links from websites with info, TLDs, biz, com.br, pl, cn, ro, and beggaries unnatural links that hurts mercilessly someone website. Multiple links from sites of Russia can be a signal of an attack of your website.

Some shitty and shoddy posts blog with big link number are also very precarious to click them. A large number of keywords from attached links from various sources can be a sign of negative SEO. A lot of links from peculiar sites such as payday loan, pornography sites, and gambling site usually contain unnatural links to weaken the owner of the website.

Ways to Combat Negative SEO through Overcoming In Inauthentic Reviews and Social Signals

  1. Put together Product Reviews: clients and customers should submit reviews of the services and the products on Google and other review sites that are trusted.
  2. Post reviews of the customer on the website:Trustpilot is an awesome option to integrate with someone website. This can help the individual to send emails to different kinds of clients requesting them to review the sent services or the products in the email.
  3. Reviews Monitoring: This is done by determining a review that is inauthentic or genuine. Reviews that are bogus contain large number of hints that are not genuine.  If a user of a website comes across certain kind of suspicion that reviews are fake which are left on the site it is highly recommendable to contact the owner of the website.
  4. Giving feedback toeach review whether it’s genuine or fake: A response which is positive to a review which is negative can give effects which are positive.
  5. Claiming profiles that are Social on each famous social platform: Instagram, You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter platforms should be owned by the individuals with high responsibility. Sharing of passwords, or even creating passwords that can be easily be hacked by scammers can cause someone a lot of damage.
  6. One should not buy inauthentic reviews: Using Fiverr services reviews is suicidal.
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