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By | June 26, 2012
After deploying my Windows Communication Foundation service on IIS 7.5, i was getting the following error.HTTP Error 500.24 – Internal Server Error
An ASP.NET setting has been detected that does not apply in Integrated managed pipeline mode.

I tried to google it out but unable to find exact solution for this one. Later on, after researching and looking into IIS settings, I resolved the issue and here in this WCF Tutorial, you can find the steps to resolution.
1. Firstly, ensure that WCF is registered properly with IIS and ASP.NET (exact version).
For details on how to register WCF with IIS and ASP.NET?

2. Secondly, Open IIS and go to Advanced Settings of your website/virtual directory. In “Advance Setting” popup, change the Application Pool to “Classic .NET AppPool” and click ok.

Important thing to remember is that the Application Pool that is being used by our application should have two important settings.
a) Managed Pipeline Mode of AppPool should set to “Classic” instead of “Integrated”.
b) .NET Framework Version of AppPool should be the same we used for the WCF service.

Having these two settings, we can create and use a new AppPool for our application and we don’t need to be specific to “Classic .NET AppPool”.

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