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Understanding WCF Bindings and Channel Stack

In order to understand Windows Communication Foundation Bindings in details, it’s important to understand the Channel Stack as part ofWCF runtime.WCF bindingis composed of binding elements and each binding element is corresponding to a specific channel in Channel Stack. The Channel Stackcan be categorized into two major areas i.e. Protocol Channels and Transport Channels.Protocol Channels… Read More »

4 simple steps to enable tracing in WCF

Tracing mechanism in Windows Communication Foundation is based on the classes that resides in System.Diagnostic namespace. Important classes are Trace, TraceSource and TraceListener. For better understanding we will follow step by step approach in this WCF Tutorial. Following are the steps to enable tracing in WCF: Step 1. Configuring WCF to emit tracing information/Define Trace Source… Read More »