What You Need To Understand About DBB valves?

By | September 26, 2018

Kp-lok offers several kinds of double block and bleedsvalves which are perfect for different kinds of applications. As a trusted supplier, this would help in controlling the fluid so that necessary repair as well as maintenance can be done appropriately in the sector. This content will provide a detailed explanation on the popular model which are available as well as their features.

What is a double block and bleed valve?

The DBB valves are used to replace the old technique which is used by engineers in the pipeline sector to produce a DBB configuration whenever it is needed in the oil and gas sector or other industry. This unit will consist of a bleed valve and two block valves and would be used for positive isolation. It is mainly employed for critical process service and is perfect for systems with high pressure or fluid processes which are dangerous. The applications where these kinds of valves are used include chemical seal isolation, instrument drain as well as gauge isolation.

Benefits of double block and bleed valves

The double block and bleed valve are mainly designed so as to enhance the safety performance, the combining of the valves into a single unit will provide a combination of instrument isolation together with vent as well as facilities which can be used for testing. The double block and bleed valves are also ideal for three separate valves and this would include a drain valve as well as two isolation drains which imply that little space is required and it is light weighted.

In addition to the manufacturing  of double block and bleed valve, hy-lok likewise produce different kinds of single and double high integrity fittings which are manufactured with different materials. This would likewise help in attaining unique connections. They are mainly designed so as to eliminate the site assembled threaded connectors, ingress of debris as well as contaminations which are gotten from thread sealant materials which can lead to the failure thereby resulting to a downtime as well as costly replacement.

Parker ‘H’ Series two valve manifolds

The double block and bleed valve has a manifold which is a standard type and is mainly designed for safety, reliability as well as repeatable performance. The design option which are available include T bar handle locking anti tamper spindle, standard as well as lockable hand wheels and panel mounting. https://www.kp-lok.com/product/double-block-and-bleed-valves

Within the series range, the fluid control can supply an adequate pressure which would combine the valves into a block so as to perform the isolation, bleed as well as calibration of the switches, gauge and the pressure transmitter. The direct mounting of the pressure manifold can also be used for directing the pressure transmitters. However, the major functions include the calibration, test, bleed as well as isolation.

The DBB valve can also be used for isolating and bleed purposes in a double manner. The usage is perfect for panel installation in a limited space. The double block and bleed valve will provide weight, size and would help in saving cost while meeting the necessary requirement in the industry.

Finally these valves are designed for an efficient and fast installation and removal of pressure measurement instruments. There is a provision of single kidney flange arrangements which has optimal inlet connections for total installation flexibility and the redundant connection can also be used for purge operations.