Overview and history of Mechanical Watches

By | April 4, 2019

A watch is a timepiece that is worn on hand or kept in a pocket in order to keep a track of time. A watch is typically worn to stay punctual and many people wore it just for fashion. There are different types of watches. The one that is worn on a wrist is known as a wrist watch. There are many variety in a wrist watch. Wrist watches are available in different sizes, shapes, designs and price.

Branded watches are very expensive and not many people tend to buy a watch that is out of their budget so they tend to wear a reasonable price watch. Similarly the one that is kept in a pocket is known as pocket watch and the one that is hung on a wall is known as wall clock. The Mechanical watches progressed in the 17th century from spring powered clocks and since then mankind has been using these watches. At first there were only mechanical watches that were used. The watch had a spring in it and an oscillating balance wheel and a weighted wheel that moves back and forth at a constant rate. In short a mechanical watch uses a clockwork mechanism to measure the passage of time. These watches have been used for ages. But in 1960, the electronic quartz watch was invented. And these watches were more reliable than these. A mechanical watch is not as modern as a quartz watch and they need maintenance by a skilled watchmaker. Due to this drawback, many people restrain from buying these watches because not many people like to go to a repair shop and get their watch fixed regularly. People started to buy quartz watch and since 1970, quartz watches have been bought the most. Now mechanical watches are bought by a few people only as a symbol of status.

Watches are of many types but the three main types of watches are Mechanical watches, Automatic watches and Quartz watches. Each type of watch has a significant quality of its own which makes it a unique one. The price of all these three types vary as well. A mechanical watch also has two types. Hand wind mechanical watch and self-winding mechanical watch. A hand wind mechanical watch requires winding of the watch at regular intervals whereas a self-winding mechanical watch also known as an automatic watch does not require winding at regular intervals but there comes a time when you do have to wind this watch but that doesn’t come quickly.

Now let us discuss about Rolex mechanical watches. Rolex has been recognized very much by their Excellency in making mechanical wrist watches especially Rolex datejust 41 is among the organized classic collection. These watches were very much attracted by a lot of rich people, celebrities, Athletes, politicians and other high class. The owner of this brand named Mr. Hans Wilsdorf made world’s first perfect mechanical wrist watch in 1914 and after that the company has only succeeded in selling high quality, unique designed wrist watches to a large number of high class personnel. Hence mechanical watches were the first ones to be introduced to mankind.