Best Educational Courses for WCF

By | April 9, 2019

WCF ServiceWindows communication foundation (WCF) is used for the creation of service-oriented applications. WCF provides secure business transactions, data, and monitoring service. It is very crucial for the exchange of data in real time between two communication points. The main features of WCF include service orientation, interoperability, service metadata, multiple message patterns, data contracts, security, multiple kinds of transport, and encodings, reliable and queued paper written messages, durable transactions, extensibility, AJAX and REST support. Understanding WCF is an advantage because it has been incorporated in other Microsoft products.

Why is WCF important?

It eliminates the need for different clients using different services. The two different clients can use the same service or protocol to take care of their different services.

Best educational courses for WCF  

WCF courses cover WCF topics in advanced level down to the basic level. They include architecture, bindings, addresses, contracts, hosting, endpoints, client, services, security, and side program among many other programs.

The fundamentals for creating the WCF applications include

The basic WCF programming course

  • Basic programming lifecycle, which starts from designing, building and deploying application and WCF service.
  • Implementing and designing services where one chooses a message exchange pattern and learns how to service a contract and fault contract.
  • Configuring services which support the contract requirement indicating the publish address and customize runtime.
  • Hosting services exploring the basics of hosting applications.
  • Building clients by obtaining metadata from service, security and configuring messages and converting into client code.

Extensibility course

  • Introduction to extensibility which is the advanced course where one learns how to custom make solutions for clients. Extensibility allows one to modify the system to fit client scenarios; this extension could even involve replacing an application model.
  • Application runtime extension to extend the ability of the application to process and dispatch messages. This includes extending serialization, binding elements, security system and the metadata system to connect the application to the channel system.
  • Extend the channel and channel runtime that provides encoding, transport and protocol support.
  • Extend host runtime which hosts the application domain within the channel.

WCF quick start and troubleshooting

  • Learn of the different issues you are bound to encounter while developing WCF for clients. Learn how to develop a trace file viewer which gives detailed information on the development of the application.

WCF and ASP.NET Web API; WCF programming model for service-oriented applications

  • Enables developers to build service-oriented applications to be integrated with the existing investments.
  • Choose the right technology to use
    • WCF supports and allows the use of multiple transport protocols.
    • An ASP.NET web API is a programming model which is suitable for various browsers and mobile devices.

The three main parts of the WCF course include WCF service and what it provides, the WCF service host and the client of the WCF service. For a developer and service builders, WCF is the course for you. There are several online courses offered by different institutions and individuals though it is always recommended to combine with written literature from my paper writer for reference.

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