Home Broadband: The Definitive Guide

By | February 18, 2019

192.168 o.2.1 Home Broadband

Home broadband simply refers to a large speed system of communication in a home that connects the computers in that home to the internet. Home broadband utilizes either a DSL or modem hooked to a satellite, to the internet service provider and a cable for connectivity. In addition to the Ethernet, this connection can also use the wireless Wi-Fi.

Ways of Setting up Home Broadband

There are different ways of establishing a home broadband internet connections you will find out on modemfriendly.com. We shall focus on two techniques which are using the Ethernet connection and using the WI-FI broadband connection. The page will give you full details of everything. Be keen.

Using the Ethernet Connection

The first step is to subscribe to the service of broadband. For you to start enjoying the high-speed internet, make a subscription for the internet from a telecommunication dealer or an internet service provider.

After subscription, make sure you have the following to set up the home broadband. A modem or router, internet cable, a DSL splitter, phone filters, and phone cables. These are compulsory.

Installation is next. Connect the ADSL splitter to the phone. Splitters will separate the analog and digital signal to avoid mixing. Remember the phone uses an analog signal while broadband uses the digital signal.

Connect6 other phone extensions to filter out digital signals that might interfere with the phone.

Connect the phone to one port on the ADSL splitter named el’ and connect the telephone cable to DSL port.

Connect the other end of your cable to the modem/router

Ensure that you link internet cable from broadband to the ports on your modem/router

Take the other end of the internet cable and connect it to a laptop or computer for internet. Use the other ports on the modem for internet connection to multiple computers.

Connect the set up to power and enjoy the home broadband internet.

Using WI-FI Home Broadband

Purchase a router and get the best place to locate it in your house

When the modem is off, link it to the router. Connect the Ethernet cable into routers WAN port and the extra end to the modem.

Connect the computer to the router by connecting one Ethernet cable end to into routers LAN port and the other to the computer.

Power on the router, computer, and modem

Open the router management and key in IP address of router administrator

Add security details  through WPA2 which is very essential

Modify the name of your wireless network as well as the channel of the network if you wish

Connect the wireless adapter to your computer

You can now connect to your network. You can do so with multiple computers by giving out the login credentials to family members and be connected.

How to Solve Homer Broadband Problems

The best practices of solving issues for your WI-FI home broadband is to restart the network. If problems are not solved, consider disconnecting everything and reconnecting.

For the Ethernet connection, you can repeat the same procedure of disconnecting everything and then reconnecting.

You should also be keen in your settings as they can affect your network. Actually, always check the settings of your Ethernet and WI-FI network before dismantling it. The settings could also be the problem at times.