Off Page SEO Guide

By | November 11, 2018

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Site Speed: Site Speed and the structure of the website are important points to consider in off page SEO. It is quite wearied and when visitors get into a website and take a forever to load. Websites which can load with the shortest time possible on the internet are frequently visited by visitors and earn massive traffic. An e-commerce website should around seven seconds to load while the other normal websites should take three seconds or less to load.

Google is always keen to check on the website that takes a short time to load on the internet and at times usually credit it with bonuses.  Google checks the network, country, and the device to give out its bonuses on any individual.  The factors that owners of the website should consider on improving the speed of the page include the following: host, large number of images, external media embedment, unoptimized app, plugins, and browser, large number of ads, themes, widgets, and double- code barrel. The tools that have been designed by IT experts to improve on the speed of the page include page insight speed, testing webpage, Yslow, Compressor YUI, and On Crawl.

Site Structure: The website structure is the backbone of a site.  Coherent categories of site pages should be done when one is building a website. A website should have clarity of navigation.  A website should have a considerable number of keywords, non-complicated signals of HTML, and the content of the articles written on a website should be sufficient for readers.  The images and the content written on a site should not overlap each other.

Responsive and mobile friendliness is another issue to consider for off page SEO purposes. A website that only responds to laptops and desktops cannot be accessed by many visitors. In this world of Android and iPhones, it is very easy for many people to access any kind of website all over the world. A website builder should be keen to test and check the responsiveness of a website on mobile devices.

Social Media: Social sharing is very crucial to consider in off page SEO.  Social sharing attract massive of visitors and is considered as the 2nd highest traffic source. Sharing of information and promoting written contents on different social media platforms is very essential. Millions of people are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. You can contact us if you need SEO Services for Small Business

The content of the website should be shared in these different kinds of social media platforms to attract traffic. The images on a website should be shareable and appealing on a mobile phone. The description and page title should be catchy and precise to the readers. The share buttons should be included on a website to ensure the written content is easily shared by a large number of people.

Guest Posting: Guest Posting is an SEO method used by the website owners to post a specific kind of content on a site in order to get backlinks. Guest posting also assists an individual to gain publicity for the content posted. Guest posting is also very vital because it usually shows Google the link shared of the website is highly authoritative. The major factor of Guest Posting is to network in a professional manner by building an expansive relationship with different kinds of people.

Forum Posting: Relevant forum posting is also very essential in off page.  It refers to posting a specific kind of topic forums that are related to another. Relevant forum posting assists the website owners to attract some traffic to people who are dealing with the same niche that is posted to other websites.