How to evaluate ELD Devices

By | October 7, 2018

Before we go further, we have to know what this ELD actually stands for and what it is. Many of the readers might know what this ELD mean by and what kind of device it is. However, for those who are reading the term for the very first time, it is necessary to clear the picture of this device.ELD

So, what ELD stands for and means by?

ELD stands for Electronic logging device and it is a device that has a capability to automatically record a driver’s duty status and working hours of services. It is the device that met the requirements of the establishment by Secretary of Transportation (SOT) through consideration of this device.
Also, the ELD is a hardware device to an application of mobile wouldn’t be enough after the ELD mandate deadline.
In more clear words, ELD is an electronic device that records the driver’s status, for instance, speed, location, driving habits, working hours, and mode of driving. This device works no matter the engine is off and on rest. The electronic logging device then set-up the information and transfer to the trucking company for inspection, eld devices audit, and other analysis.

When ELD First Introduced?

ELD first introduced 20 years ago, when the number of accidents occurred due to rash driving and driver’s irresponsible attitude. Still, there are a lot of companies who’re risking lives because of the benefit on the cost of fuel. Some of the companies are still thinking about the insurance premiums.

If we do the eld devices audits then we can say that one ELD is of $500-$600 per vehicle. On a monthly subscription, it cost around $30-40 per month.

What FMCSA says about  ELD Devices Audits? 

ELDFMCSA said, “ELD saves your money.” Yes, it does. FMCSA estimates yearly cost after the eld devices audits. The estimation shows the saving of $705 per year per vehicle. Electronic logging device also enhances the advancement of vehicle consumption by 15%. Furthermore, the FMCSA that almost 10% of twelve-monthly fuels bills are used upon inactive rigs (you can save that). For every $70,000 washed-out on gas, ELD’s can save that money too which is just about $6,000 per truck. That’s almost a 9% cost savings per year just by having the device named electronic logging device.

All in all, you can simply save money on few of the good products, for instance, you can save money on fuel, insurance premiums, crash rate, extra working hours, paperwork, violations, and penalties.

Who Needs This  Electronics Logging Device? 

This is needed by almost every trucking company; no matter how big and small the company, but it should be the part of the routine. Every company should have this device to save the cost as much as I have mentioned above.

Are these Devices Hard to Use?

No, it’s a myth! This device is quite easy to use. In fact, it is the simplest device to use and log the driver’s status. Drivers just log their status when they start their duty. They don’t even have to look at the ELD while driving. The device is automatic and it doesn’t require any kind of attention.