Exam: 70-487- Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services

By | June 15, 2015

Microsoft Certification Exam: 70-487 validates one’s knowledge for Developing Windows Azure and Web Services. It’s one of the three exams in Web Application Track of MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) Certification as stated in below diagram. MCSD Certification Exam is designed to test one’s skills for high level, real world programming. Technical Certification from Microsoft is recognized widely by almost all industries and organisation. This exam is taken in form of various sets that adds step by step improvements to proficiency of trainees.

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Purpose here is to provide an extensive aggregated post by WCF Tutorial for all available reference material on Exam: 70-487 over the Web.Exam: 70-487 Certification

I have categorized this post into three major parts as follows:

  • Good Reference Material available online including related Tutorials, eBooks and articles on Windows Azure, WCF Services, Microsoft Entity Framework, Web API-based Services etc.
  • Free Online Tests
  • Complete Online Preparation Exam: 70-487
  • At the end, I have added few sample questions that gives you an idea about the Real Certification Exam Questions. You can also get a link to a pool of Questions with correct answer and description for FREE.

I followed the same pattern in another post about Exam: 70-486 (Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications) at www.webdevelopmenthelp.net.

Let’s start with the list of key skills being tested during this Exam as stated by Microsoft:

  • Accessing Data
  • Querying and Manipulating Data by Using the Entity Framework
  • Designing and Implementing WCF Services
  • Creating and Consuming Web API-based services
  • Deploying Web Applications and Services

Microsoft’s website also states that from 30th April, 2014 onward, this exam includes contents related to:

  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Windows Azure Updates

In order to get latest details about each skill area and updates, please visit Exam: 70-487 web page.

Exam: 70-487 – Reference Material

Exam Ref: 70-487 by Microsoft Press

As for most of the Microsoft Exams, you can find Microsoft Press book available in both Paper and PDF. Same for this book written by William Ryan, Wouter de Kort and Shane Milton target to fulfill specific requirements of Exam: 70-487. In my opinion, it’s the best and most relevant reference guide for this exam also. Anyone wants to improve his/her skills on Developing Windows Azure and Web Services; also planning to take exam should have a copy of this book (either hard or eBook).Exam Reference 70-487

Courseware by Firebrand

This Courseware by Firebrand is a good reference material covering all Exam modules according to required skills Set as mentioned above. Extensive details explained through slides for each topic including Entity Framework, ASP.NET Web API, Windows Azure, Azure Storage, Azure Service Bus, Hosting, Deploying and Scaling Services. It also includes details about Designing and Extending Windows Communication Foundation Services, Security in WCF, LINQ and latest features in Visual Studio 2013.

Most importantly, all the concepts are explained with the help of proper example. You will find a lot of code samples in this courseware.

Data Storage Offerings on Azure Platform

Microsoft TechNet contains huge information about important topics of exam such as comparison between windows server and azure data storage and various offerings of azure platforms. This link will also help you to know details about Blob and its types.

Microsoft Azure

Here is another workable resource for you that contain information about services of this platform including Cache details, Redis cache, In-Role cache and shared cache. Complete content is managed in easy to understand form with best collection of information.

WCF Service Example by WCF Tutorial

WCF Tutorial provides a lots of practical example for beginners as well as professional developers to grasp the concepts very easily. Starting with FAQs series to practically implementing WCF Services, RESTful Services, Concurrency, Security, MEP (Message Exchange Patterns) and Transactions are available.

WCF Fundamentals by PluralSight

Here you can learn techniques of building advanced connected systems on the platform of Microsoft with the help of Windows Communication Foundation or simply called as WCF. Contents of this WCF Service Tutorial include introductory part, programming services, programming clients and RESTful Services.

Windows Azure Training

This is an effective resource for basic knowledge of Windows Azure and is highly useful for all IT professionals. This platform incorporates operating system, methods of data storage and applications based on cloud.

Entity Framework Development Videos

This video tutorial will help you to know basics of framework development and is enough capable to build strong knowledge of all aspects related to this topic.


This course provides complete knowledge of ASP.NET Web API that is a powerful as well as flexible framework for designing HTTP dependent clients and endpoints. Various sections of this valuable resource include introduction part, uniform interface, HttpClient, Hosting, Security and Extensibility. You will be able to get deep knowledge of facts through this resource.

Practical Guide to ASP.NET Web API

A complete and practical guide for ASP.NET Web API provides comprehensive material for developing HTTP Services. Starting from a very basic Web API in 3 simple steps to performing all CRUD Operations, Model validation and it’s limitations and Web API OData etc. It’s available in both Web Edition and PDF Download.

Exam: 70-487 – Online Tests | Questions and Answers PDFs

WCF Free Online Test

WCF Tutorial has created Online Test specifically for WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and constantly updating this test with fresh questions.

Microsoft 70-487 Tests

Here you will be able to get unlimited access to instantly downloadable questions and answers in form of premium files. These files are helpful to improve your knowledge and provide best practice material for MCSD exam 70-487. It includes some sets of brain dumps, test kits, exam collections and pass guide for MCSD exam.

Exam: 70-487 – Complete Practice Exams

Before you take any of the actual MCSD Exam, it’s always better and highly recommended to take some Online Practice Exam. Because practice exam will not cost you much but it will provide you a good idea of your preparation at any stage. But I recommend to prepare well first and when you are 100% confident to take exam, please take a practice exam to validate your skill. A practice exam will give you a good idea about your preparation, then decide to go for Actual Certification Exam.

70-487 Exam Sample Questions with Answers

Below are few sample Questions with Correct answers to give you an idea about the Exam.

Question 1: The SSDL (Storage schema definition language) is a XML syntax that represents the storage model of the underlying database which holds the information about the data store and it is incorporated into the .edmx file.
The above statement is a correct one?

  • True
  • False

Answer: True
Description: SSDL is a XML syntax which represents Storage model

Question 2: You have a table with one column and Unique constraint set. You have set EnforceConstraints to True and populated the DataSet with the table. What would happen if you are creating new rows with identical values?

  • A. System Error
  • B. It accepts new values
  • C. Compiler error
  • D. Throws ConstraintException

Answer: D
Description: If EnforceConstraints is set to true, it triggers ConstraintException if violated.

Question 3: You have the object which already exists in the database and you need to make aware the Entity Framework regarding this object. Which method you would use?

  • A. ObjectContext.AddObject()
  • B. ObjectContext.Attach()

Answer: B
Description: ObjectContext.Attach() is used when the existing object is modified.

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This is all I have for now but I’ll keep updating this with more relevant study material. I’ll appreciate if you could contribute to this post by adding more material on Exam: 70-487 through comments.

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