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By | June 24, 2014

By publishing my last article “WCF Hosting in IIS Simplified“, I have completed a milestone of 50 WCF Tutorial on Windows Communication Foundation for beginners as well as professional developers. Throughout this journey, my intention was to follow a practical and step by step approach to explain important concepts on WCF. I’ll try my best to continue the same approach in a best possible way in future.

Let me summarize what WCF Tutorial have cover so far in these 50 articles on Windows Communication Foundation.

Although my approach is always to provide reader with practical examples having complete code samples, but I also prepare a comprehensive series of most important FAQs. This series of Frequently Asked Questions give reader a better chance to grasp the most important WCF technology concepts in much shorter time. List of WCF FAQs can also be used to prepare before appearing for a WCF Interview. Reader can also find a list of Top 10 WCF Interview Questions and Answers here.

Along with above mentioned WCF FAQs and Interview Questions, I also provided a detailed series of WCF Tutorial on new features of Windows Communication Foundation v4.5. This seven part series not only discussing the concepts but also providing implementation details with code examples on new features in WCF 4.5. Remember, an interviewer is always concerned about reader’s knowledge on new features of a particular technology.

For any technology area, we always try to define a base foundation knowledge that is compulsory for that particular technology professionals. Similary for WCF, without knowledge of core concept areas like WCF Service, Contracts, Binding, Channel Factory, Hosting and lot more, no one claim to be a professional WCF developer. So, WCF Tutorial provides practical implementation for these core concepts. Few of the concepts covered are as follows:

Finally, importance of REST base architecture is obvious in many scenarios and WCF fully support it. WCF Tutorial provides implementation of RESTful service from very basic service to one that performs all CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations. It also provides implementations of related REST concepts like posting JSON data to RESTful service, Automatic format selection, Error Handling etc.You can find all these details at one location “Practical Guide to WCF RESTful Service“.

Hopefully, reader of WCF Tutorial will find these tutorials helpful. I’ll try to provide more informative articles on Windows Communication Foundation. Enjoy WCF Programming.

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